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The road back from the damage caused by COVID-19 will be long, and uneven. One of the most important contributions to recovery governments and partners can make, is re-establishing school meals programmes. These programs work. They change lives, for children, and communities. Simply put, restoring and re-establishing school meals programmes is among the most important contributions the world can make to secure the future for our children and our societies.

Membership in the School Meals Coalition will be open to stakeholders willing to align themselves with the goals and objectives of the Coalition.

Learn more about how to sign our “Declaration of Commitment” or “Declaration of Support” and join us in building the School Meals Coalition.

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November 2021

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Joining the School Meals Coalition means aligning with its goals and objectives and contributing in unique ways to reach them. This is a broad call to action that will take as many partners as possible to achieve the ambitious goal of providing every child a nutritious meal in schools everywhere by 2030.

Commitments will be public and can be tailored to each stakeholder and their context, and can be as broad or as specific as necessary.

The Coalition welcomes commitments in at least one of the following categories: Political, Advocacy & Outreach, Technical Assistance & Knowledge Sharing, Financial Support for Low Income Countries.

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Commitments guidelines

Set out a long-term plan with the aim to restore access to school meals for children who lost them during the pandemic, and reach those previously left behind, especially in countries most vulnerable to poverty and climate change.

Republic of Rwanda.

Aumentar el número de los escolares en la Jornada Escolar Extendida que reciben a través de Programa de Alimentación Escolar una cobertura de 70% de los macro y micronutrientes.

Republica Dominicana.
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The School Meals Coalition will only be effective if its goals and objectives are championed at national and subnational levels, with leadership by governments and key stakeholders from all sectors.

Members of the Coalition can join or contribute to any of these initiatives or establish new ones that are in line with the Coalition's objectives.

The Coalition initiatives are not designed to be new structures, but as a means for addressing gaps and ensuring better coordination around important areas to drive progress quickly.

This is being developed by the World Food Programme (WFP) and includes a global school meals database, in partnership with Dubai Cares, the Research Consortium for School Health and Nutrition and regional groups like the African Union and the African Union Development Agency (AUDA/NEPAD). It will be used to track and monitor Coalition accomplishments.

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